The Kompler Exchange

LuKa’s listing on The Kompler Exchange

Not so long ago, we were greeted by the surprise that a new Brazilian exchange called “Kompler” had listed us on their website and, after talking and meeting the team, we came to
the conclusion that we were facing a great, prominent and completely competent team, thus creating the need to write about them.

What is Kompler?

Kompler is an exchange residing at “” and it currently has a market that holds BTC, ETH, NBR, TUSD and BRL as the main trading pairs, but wait, another exhange? yes, that was the very
same question the team asked themselves, as quoted: “Another exchange?!? That was the first question we asked ourselves when we started the project. After a lot of chat
we’ve changed the problem to “why another exchange?”. There are already several exchanges in the market, and they are providing excellent services, but in general we, Kompler,
always feel uncomfortable about the fees. Charging under volume is a cost-effective way to maintain a service, however, for significant transactions, it ends up being unfeasible.”
And so, an almost fee-less exchange was born, charging only 0.1 KOMP to KOMP Holders.

What is “KOMP”?

Having a 14,300,000 total supply, the token will be the basis for the fee-charging and other products that the team will release over time. By holding KOMP, you will only pay 0.1 KOMP as a fee for every transaction.
The initial coin offering has begun for the user to acquire KOMPs in order to make transactions without worrying about fees. In addition to the fixed charges, KOMPs holders will receive
10% bonus based on taxes collected in KOMP. You can buy KOMP at:

Mr.luk moaon.

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