Luka’s Internationalization

Luka’s internationalization

In the beginning, our project was focused in our home country, Chile, given the explosive growth of the Chilean userbase in the third and fourth quarter of 2017.
We thought it unwise to expand our horizon immediately after releasing our project, so we decided to establish and polish our Network before showing ourselves to the world.

Why did we decide to begin this process?

The idea of presenting our project to the world was discussed once we saw that we had a lot of features most new coins don’t have, regarding enhancements done to our network,
our polished plan about the privacy ecosystem and, especially, our innovative idea of creating a video game based on our currency and network, which gives LUK a whole new
purpose as a currency.

How are you planning to do this?

In order to show our project to the world, firstly, we decided to translate both our website and whitepaper to English and by creating an English-only telegram chat, given that this language
is amongst the most spoken languages around the world. Then, we presented our project via bitcointalk, alongside the uploading of our whitepaper in both Spanish and English.
Finally, we decided to realize an airdrop in order to get more people to know about our project. Now, this is not only the team’s duty but everyone’s, by sharing and interacting
with Luka in social media, we can all support the growth of this project.

Mr.luk moon.

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