LuKa v1.3 Phoenix Edition

Luka v1.3 – Phoenix

After working in the shadows for some time, we are glad to announce the release of one of our latest feats: Luka’s 1.3.0 update, denominated ”Phoenix”. The name was suggested by one of our telegram users in order to denote our ”rise” after being off the record for a while.

The update comes along with a new simplewallet version which has to be downloaded from the ”Wallets” section in order to synchronize the Network from block #145,000 and onwards. The web and mobile wallet will also receive their respective updates.

What’s new

Overall, we’ve now made the Network safe from 51% attacks and implemented various features that can be seen in the following image:

Do not forget to enable the blog in your wallet to keep updated with our news and developments!

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