Android / Web Wallet Launch

Android / Web Wallet Launch

We are pleased to announce that the Qwallet of Cryptoluka will officially open on March 26, 2018. This application has been developed by the prestigious computer services company Quantic Labs.

This application will be available from 20:00 hrs (GMT -03: 00) through Google PlayStore.
For those interested in the web version, it will be available at the same time in:

In its first version, it will have the following characteristics:

  • 1.- Generate a new wallet
  • 2.- Transfer of LUK’s manual or via QR
  • 3.- Reception of LUK’s via QR
  • 4.- Transaction history
  • 5.- Contacts (already transferred)
  • 6.- Secure Login: **** ⤏ So you never lose your Lukas
  • 7.- Price in real time of LUK in the markets
  • 8.- Multiplatform account
LuKa Android App
LuKa Android App

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